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Our Libido Spray enhances your sex drive and physical performance.

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Our Libido Spray…

Gives a more profound level of comfort and improves blood flow and lubrication.
Has energizing properties that boosts the experience with your partner.
Has the ability to relax the mind and body—two things that benefit sexual experiences.

Our Formula

Hemp Oil

A natural component derived from plants that has energy boosting effects


An amino acid used to boost sex drive in both men and women

Beet Juice extract

Boosts stamina to help you improve blood flow


Important for growth, development and health of body tissues

More About Our Science

Beyond the Libido

"After years of battling low sex drive with my spouse, X-SPRAYS™ Libido spray has finally helped my relationship regain its lost passion.” Daniel W.
"I’ve been using the Linido Spray for the last year to help with my sexual experiences. I can honestly say that it has been extremely effective!” Tucker W.
"At 44, my sex life is not the same as it used to be. By using the Lidido Spray im able to experience the passion I used to have in my younger years.” John T.

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X-SPRAYS™ LIBIDO Spray is a highly effective aphrodisiac formula containing vitamins, nutrients and natural herbal extracts that have been used traditionally to enhance sexual vitality, libido (sex drive and desire), sexual potency, sensitivity, and physical performance.

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