Meet Dr. Spray

Our founder, Dr. Clive Spray PhD, has dedicated his life to improving the quality of other people's health.

Over the last 20 years, the chemist and plant biologist has been committed to finding natural solutions to life’s lingering problems. Combining an understanding of both traditional ethno-botany with the cutting edge of nutritional science, Dr. Spray has created several formulations designed to help in the areas where we need it most, whether it is helping insomnia, increasing libido, or alleviating pain. 

As nationwide attitudes surrounding cannabis and cannabinoids have changed, we have taken this opportunity to work on formulations containing CBD, an incredibly therapeutic and non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Our work with CBD has opened up an entirely new realm for our formulations and allowed us to provide even more relief to our consumers. As a result, we are now able to offer almost all of our formulations in both a CBD and non-CBD version.

Formulations, however, are only one piece of the puzzle. You can have the best supplement in the world, yet without an effective way to deliver it, it is worthless. Dr. Spray’s quest to find the most effective way for the body to process his formulations coincidentally led him back to his name sake, the spray. As you can read more about here, sublingual sprays offer an unparalleled bioavailability that lets our supplements start working for you as soon as you Spray.